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MYRIAD FeaturesMYRIAD FeaturesMYRIAD Features

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3D/2D CAD, Dokumente und Bilder darstellen



Opens Many Formats

Save training and software costs by eliminating the need to have native, potentially complicated software on every desktop.

Unified Viewer

Same easy interface for all file types with no training required.

Excellent Navigation Tools

Navigating CAD designs and related document and images is easy with dynamic Orbit/Zoom/Pan tool, Magnifier (three modes) and scrollable paging.


Specialized tools for viewing, taking 3D and 2D measurements, viewing design attributes and printing drawings to scale.


Spend less time waiting for files to open and views to refresh than with other comparable viewers.

3D CAD-Modelle analysieren



3D Measure

Take linear and angular measurements by selecting geometry, vertices and operands like Parallel to, Planar to, Perpendicular to, etc. Change between units easily.

Locate / Identify Parts

Float over parts to see the part name or search for a part name to see that part highlighted in the assembly.

Part / Sub Assembly Info

Select one or more parts and get center of mass, approximate volume and size information.

Multi-Plane Cut Away & Cross Sections

Slice through a 3D model to create cut away views and/or cross sections. Aids visualization of design concepts as well as measurement take off.

Explode Assemblies

Explode assemblies around a selected part, or interactively pull parts away to see parts inside.

Fly Through

Fly through a 3D model and look around.

2D CAD-Zeichnungen und Bilder analysieren



2D Measure

MYRIAD offers a magnified view of the sensed point of interest, allowing the user to select measurement points with higher accuracy, even when working on large drawings and long distances. Accurately snap measurement points to end, mid and center coordinates (CAD files are not rasterized and coordinates are not converted to integers).

2D Compare

Visually compare two files or file revisions easily with matched zoom level and orientation. Highlight differences, fade the compare overlay dynamically and even view annotations for quick change verifications, ensuring no change was missed.

2D Markup



Original Files Untouched

Original files are never modified or changed.

Secure & Trackable

Each markup entity is saved with the creator's username, date and time. Users cannot edit other user's markups.

Concurrent Markup

Each reviewer can create a separately managed markup file, supporting permission roles and allowing multiple users to comment on the same file at the same time.

Markup Saved as XML

Markups are saved in a non-proprietary, open XML format, permitting import/export of markups and pre/post processing as an integral part of a workflow.

Burn-In and Save as PDF, TIFF, and DWF

Burn markups into a PDF, TIFF, DWF or secure CSF rendition of the original file.


Add stock stamps like Approval, Rejected or Cancelled, or create custom stamps. Like all markup entities, stamps record the creator's username, date and time.


Select annotation/markup files from multiple reviewers to combine into a single file.


Streamline change order processes by ensuring reviewers step through every comment. Changemarks save the view state so reviewers see the specific area in question. Even export them directly to Microsoft Word to streamline engineering reports.




Extensive Print Features

Full range of print options and settings, including print current view, page range, print to scale and more.

Print Region

Select an area and print just that area blown up to fit the output page size or to scale.

Watermarks & Print Banners

Add a watermark or print banners to one or all print outs. Use pre-set wildcards for username, date and more (useful for ISO9000 or other compliances).

Print Preview Thumbnail

The print dialog shows a thumbnail view of exactly how the document will print, including printable page size, scaling, rotation and margins.

3D CAD-Modelle publizieren



Save CAD Models to 3D DWF, STL or Secure 3DF

Save cutaway or other model views as STL, 3D DWF or Visual Rights-secured 3DF.

Save to Secure 3DF

Save to 3DF to control measure, print, and other rights, or set an expiration date for the model. 3DF files are highly compressed—usually 80 to 95 percent smaller than the original assembly. View with the free MYRIAD 3D Reader.

2D CAD-Zeichnungen, Bilder und Dokumente publizieren



Save to PDF or Secure CSF

Save the current file as a PDF or secure CSF file. Add annotations, redaction (block out) areas, a watermark and print banners. CSF offers additional file security, like feature restrictions, for more secure distribution. View with the free Brava Reader.

Save Views to JPEG or Copy to Clipboard

Capture the current view to JPEG or copy it to the Clipboard for insertion into office or other applications.

Sichere Inhalte



Share Content, Keep Control with VisualRights

Control how your models, drawings and documents are used when sent to suppliers, customers or partners. Publish them to accurate, encrypted CSF/3DF files with Visual Rights. This lets you grant print, copy, measure, markup and analyze rights for the file, set a file expiration date and add watermarks and banners.




Standalone, Desktop, Network and Citrix Licensing Available

Standalone licensing for a single desktop and concurrent network licensing (ideal for small department deployments).

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